Partnership Options

Available to Members Only

Here is your opportunity to participate in a potentially very lucrative partnership position with the Co-op and cash in on the Net's fastest growing element: Advertising!  Everyone wants more of it and at cost effective pricing.  There is no end in sight to ad-seeking newcomers and this market's growth curve looks more like a titan missile trajectory.

It seems the Co-op's unique offer of 1-1 exchange + cash has struck a nerve in the market place.  Our growth is torrid and having just opened in August of '98 we haven't even scratched the surface.  The time to join is now!  You could reap benefits for years to come and build your own enormous network of Co-op members sponsored by you.  With our "promotion tools" including classified ads, article about the Co-op, and custom banners you can place anywhere, not to mention the membership icon - which will be linked to your sub URL, you should find success just one step away!

Upon acceptance of your position you will receive details on accessing your activity stat page.  Your statistics page will show you:

      1.    The number of members referred by you.
      2.    The number of clicks purchased by your members.
      3.    The commissions due you for clicks purchased by your referred members.
      4.    The amount due you for click-thrus paid to your group (if applicable).

All stat pages are updated as activity occurs.

Here's what you'll receive with your Sponsoring Partnership position:

    • A customized home page which you control so as to allow you advertising opportunities for your own account or to sell to your sponsors.
    • 10% of all the members' impressions generated, who join through your customized site. For a full year.
    • 10% of all members' impressions generated from all the members who join as a result of the membership icon link to your home page, being carried by your members. For a full year..
    • 10% of all advertising click-thrus purchased by your members of the BannerCo-op.
    • Choose one year plan allowing for two years of free banners, or a two year plan allowing for three years of free banners for your account.
    • Complete training and support of your ad management account. You'll know how to place and change your banners anytime into the Co-op system, allowing you complete control.
    • Ad management system designed to report to you your advertising impressions and click-thrus - we will teach you how to set up & manage this easy system so you can sell your 10% share of impressions at any price.

To find out more about the Sponsoring Partnership, please visit