Get Guaranteed Visitors to Your Site
For Immediate Release to All Qualified Co-Op Marketers and Visitors 

As you may know, the industry average cost of getting unique new visitors to come to a site is about $1.50 each. This includes the cost of both online and offline advertising, purchasing, banner impressions, paid for links, etc.

Offline marketers with lead costs 3-5 times higher would kill for lead costs this low.

You also know that with proper search engine placement, free classified ads & links, and good press coverage of your site your lead cost can plummet down to zero. Which is fantastic except for 2 small, or not so small, problems.

1. It flat out takes a lot of work to keep up with demands of search engines, ads & links, etc.

2. All of those resources are passive. You have no control over their effectiveness. You get hits or you don't. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Ahh... But at The Co-op things are different. You see we sell only click thrus. That is to say guaranteed visitors to your site. And unlike the Big Click networks that require minimum buys of $500 or more, you can purchase clicks in quantities as small as 150 for only $67.50. That's only 45 cents each, and you can drive this price all the way down to just 30 cents each with the purchase of just 1000 clicks. And frankly our click price/volume schedule is the best in the biz. But if you will help us out "just a little," we will do likewise.

You see every banner exchange and every advertising network, never know for certain from one month to the next just what inventory will be available or sold. This situation almost always leads to unsold banner space. And when that happens it's a shame. It's like the airliner at take-off with empty seats. The airline loses and their customers lose.

To this dilemma we have a solution. That's good for us and you. We call it our "Monthly Hit" program, and here is how it works:

If you sign for "monthly hits" you can select from 4 different price volume schedules starting as low as only $30 monthly for 100 visitors, charged against your credit card or a checking account, all the way up to only $50 per month for 200 visitors.

You will notice that this schedule starts at our lowest price of 30 cents and goes down from there. And at much lower volume commitments just not available to non-monthly hit programadvertisers.

And you don't have to be a member of the co-op to join this program, but if you are please don't forget this: you get a one to one credit to have your banner shown on the network every time you get a visitor. And if you are hosting our membership icon, you also earn 10 cents each time a visitor clicks on a co-op supplied paid ad. Remember, we put 2 ads inside of a banner bar; one ad is always the traded ad at 1-1 and the other is sold on a click thru basis.

Consider this. With the average banner ad receiving a 1% click thru ratio, you'd have to purchase 10,000 banner impressions to get 100 click thrus. Even then you wouldn't know for certain if you get the visitors you had hoped for.

But at the co-op, you know EXACTLY how many hits you will get. There is no guess work.

If you don't have a banner built for the co-op yet just go to our "Design Help" page where you can build it free online or for a few $$, hire a pro to do it for you.

Then take advantage of this opportunity to grow your website business careful and within budget. You'll be helping us with inventory control & we'll be helping you with reliable, cost efficient, and effective hits to your site.

Participation in this program is based on available inventory levels and therefore is not guaranteed, so reserve your position.

Please act today, get signed up NOW! Cancel any time without penalty. CLICK HERE NOW (secure). You can take ALL THE TIME you need to submit your banner if we don't have one on file for you yet.