If your web site targets either of these two general catagories you'll need to purchase clicks at only 15 cents additional, across all price points.

Local & regional: An example of a local or regional web site is an auto dealership that wants only customers within a certain geographic area. In instances like this, we will place your banner ad on local and regional sites only. This, of course, requires a great deal more personal attention by our staff, and depending upon the availability, may require slightly longer to deliver the clicks you purchase. Examples of local and regional sites are as follows: Chamber of Commerce, other area businesses, area newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

A niche market: For example a site may offer hard to find parts and accessories for vintage Corvettes. In such an example we would place the banner ad on all media sites serving auto enthusiast interests, all auto related sites, and all clubs, associations, etc. Again with niche market targeting, the same personal attention must be given your account by a staffer here at the co-op, and therefore again the same modest 15 cents additional per click across all price points.

Please be certain to indicate on your order form if your site requires targeted ads. If we determine that your site requires targeting, and you have not indicated so on the purchase ad order form, we reserve the right to calculate your order on the basis of targeting pricing. And we will notify you before implementing your ad campaign.

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