An effective banner is crucial to the success of your online advertising campaign. And we've made it simple for you to get a Co-op sized banner (250 x 72 - up to 7K - GIF format)... in fact, you can get one (or several) right now! Just hop over to our Banner Design "Wizard" and follow the instructions to make a customized animated banner based on one of well over a dozen templates. (It'll take maybe 5 minutes.) Then after you've created and saved your banner(s) to your hard drive, simply Login to your account manager and upload them!

However, and depending on your budget, you may have a customized animated banner created for you totally hands off by the direct marketing team at the Co-Op for one low price of $99.

Just supply us with the copy you wish to have included in your ad, up to about 20 words (we will use 3 to 4 animated screens). When our job is done, we will notify you for your approval prior to placing your ad on the network.

Click here to order.

Or, you can of course make your own banner the "old-fashioned" way by using a graphics program. Just remember, the dimensions are 250x72 pixels, 7k is the maximum file size, animmations are okay, and make sure the image is in GIF format.

Be sure to read our 14 proven principles of banner advertising.



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